$SKYRIM Token Pre-Listing — Balancer LBP Guide

  • Offer a reasonable and smooth listing/opening price discovery process.
  • Create an even playing field of participation and give out an even token distribution.
  • Create a capital-efficient bootstrapping liquidity.
  • Allow you not to rush or FOMO.


Important Notes

  • A total of 3M $SKYRIM tokens will be distributed to Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) at 1am UTC, 1st Sep . The LBP will continue for 36 hours until 1pm UTC on 2nd Sep.
  • The SKYRIM : USDC pool weight will start at 96:4 and then gradually move down to 50:50 over the 36 hours span. The Balancer LBP table can refer to the $SKYRIM LBP Calculator.
  • Below is a graph that shows how $SKYRIM Balancer LBP will move as time goes on. The trading experience is just like the usual Balancer Pool. If more people are buying $SKYRIM, the price goes up. Otherwise, the price goes down. Balancer LBP makes it harder for the $SKYRIM price to go up. Please do not rush.

How do I participate in $SKYRIM Balancer LBP?

Step 1: Install and Setup Your Wallet

  • It may take two transactions to make a trade (Please be patient.)
  • First you have to unlock the USDC token for trading on Balancer
  • And then you need to swap for $SKYRIM.
  • You will have to click the button and navigate to Metamask twice

Step 2: Navigate to Balancer LBP Link

Step 3: Complete Your Trade

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