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4 min readAug 20, 2021


We are ready to launch $SKYRIM.

Today is a day worth remembering because a group of enthusiastic people came together to build a product serving the very space that gives birth to the underlying technology and ideas, on which we build our product. This is the virtuous cycle, which epitomizes Decentralize Finance.

And today we are ready to launch the token of Skyrim Finance — $SKYRIM.

The Launch Arrangement

Skyrim Finance TGE launch will comprise three major components:

Phase 1: $SKYRIM Genesis Round

⌚️ From August 23rd to August 27th

$SKYRIM Genesis Round is the very first event to kick off the $SKYRIM TGE event series. This event is a community initiative that calls all crypto communities to help us spread this important news and make us known to the broader world.

To seek your contribution we must give to you what you deserve. $SKYRIM Genesis Round will be open to everyone and produce a number of winners who will be whitelisted and enjoy early access to $SKYRIM.

More details will be rolled out soon.

Phase 2: $SKYRIM IDO Round

⌚️ On August 31st

$SKYRIM IDO Round (initial DEX offering) refers to the launching of the $SKYRIM token on a decentralized exchange (DEX). In this round, we are taking $SKYRIM to its first public debut on a DEX to raise funding from retail investors.

This round can offer us a far more cost-effective sale and listing model. It provides Skyrim Finance with quick liquidity with little to no slippage through available liquidity pools in a DEX. Relatively, it comes with cheaper costs.

$SKYRIM IDO Round will only be open to whitelisted addresses and participants may have to follow the official instruction to be allowed. Please rest assured that more details will be shared in another Medium post.

Phase 3: $SKYRIM IEO Listing

⌚️ On September 1st

$SKYRIM IEO Round (initial exchange offering) means we are taking $SKYRIM tokens to a centralized crypto exchange, and we are doing this to be more inclusive.

Although DeFi celebrates permissionless, it also creates some barriers for those who are new to this space. Frankly speaking, DeFi, at first sight, can be very daunting, with its technical and cognitive requirements.

We believe the $SKYRIM IEO Round can allow more users to participate in this launch event and legitimize us by going through a comprehensive vetting process.

Why Now?

The steep crash after a massive bull run has led many to become extremely skeptical of this space, and then the gradual recovery has helped many grow more confident of the resilience and elasticity of cryptocurrency.

Some of these people became disenchanted with this technology and even the future of this space, and some others reaffirmed their belief. However you like to phrase your stance, we, at Skyrim Finance, believe crypto space is still one of the most resilient communities we have ever come across and it is here to stay.

The momentum from major institutions and public companies is showing no signs of giving up cryptocurrency. The general macroeconomic trend still looks very promising for the value-storing asset class. Going forward, we believe, judging from the decade-long history, crypto liquidity should remain robust and resilient and recover faster than other asset classes.

As for Decentralized Finance, the pullback certainly led to the total value locked (TVL) across all DeFi platforms falling and because much of the value locked in DeFi protocols are derived from their native tokens and deposits of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Thus, the market-wide downturn has led to a precipitous fall in the total TVL, compounded by frantic traders withdrawing funds.

However, on the other hand, all of the aforementioned histories can serve as positive indications of how much potential DeFi contains, and what a great entry point it is right now.

We believe launching Skyrim Finance and its utility token now would be the equivalence of buying the dip. With this entry point, we firmly believe today’s launch can pave the path to a significant TVL, user activity, and rapid development we are to see in Skyrim Finance.

The team will issue detailed instructions for each of the rounds mentioned, including the time, location, how to get yourself whitelisted, and how to join $SKYRIM IDO and IEO. We will do everything within our power to preclude any misunderstanding and offer you a frictionless TGE event.

Please make sure you follow us for more future updates.

About Skyrim Finance

Skyrim Finance is the First Multichain Decentralized Structured Finance Marketplace. Skyrim Finance aims to build the Robo-Advisor of the DeFi ecosystem. The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted returns through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products.

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Skyrim Finance

The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted return through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products.