Skyrim Finance Product Design Referendum

Dear Skydivers,

Skyrim Finance product and technology is just around the corner.

Before we finish polishing it up, let’s just have a sneak peek first🎉. We’re very psyched to finally share it with you.

This sneak peek 👓 into Skyrim Finance product is only a preview of what the full landscape is. In the coming days, we will gradually roll out more up-to-date pictures of our product, and articles on how it functions.

To celebrate our near future product launch, we decide to launch the Product Design Referendum 📪 first to make sure you have the final say in how the product will look. We believe this is one of the perks of having a strong community. We get to resort to your wisdom when we have an important decision to make.

In this Referendum 📪, you can vote for your favorite product design. When the voting session concludes, the Skyrim Finance team will 👇

1️⃣ Adopt the design that has the majority of the votes.

2️⃣ Reward 10 Skydivers 300 $SKYRIM each.

👉 Click HERE to enter the Referendum and claim your $SKYRIM now.

Fast forward to early 2021 when we were doing everything we could to bootstrap the Skyrim Finance community and strive for a more powerful team. We were fortunate to have you and many of our partners as our strong support. Even when everything was stacked up against us, we managed to continue the stride together.

We hope whoever reads this can finish up feeling more confident about the future of the Skyrim Finance product. The data shows that recognition, understanding, appreciation, and value are all on the rise — but there’s still a great deal of work to be done.

As you can see in the product preview, the examples include two markets, Compound and AAVE. Like it is described in our whitepaper, the target yield assets in the DeFi market must have enough TVL to avoid volatility due to liquidity issues and they need to have sustainable yields in the long run. Thus, the two choices.

Furthermore, it distinguishes us when we have two types of Liquidity and APY, senior and junior. This structure allows investors to invest in two different kinds of fungibles, interesting bearing tokens: SENIOR and JUNIOR. JUNIOR, known as the “risk token”, but also receives higher returns. SENIOR, known as the “yield token”, is protected against defaults by the JUNIOR token and receives lower returns.

This is similar to common Junior/Senior investment structures.

Today, investors are overwhelmed with information and opportunities from every direction. This makes making the right decision at the right time a vital necessity. So, the mission of Skyrim Finance is to bring you smart yield and investment automation.

Get ready to experience the power of Skyrim Finance and structured finance, including an automated all-in-one asset management and analytics toolkit.

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🚨 NOTE: We will not DM you first or ask you for any personal/sensitive/crypto information. Please be vigilant & Protect yourselves against scams or fraud.

About Skyrim Finance

Skyrim Finance is the First Multichain Decentralized Structured Finance Marketplace. Skyrim Finance aims to build the Robo-Advisor of the DeFi ecosystem. The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted returns through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products.

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The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted return through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products.