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Skyrim Finance
3 min readDec 8, 2021

Dear Skydivers,

November might be the most fateful month so far. A ton of work has been completed behind the curtains, both in tech/product development and future project direction.

This medium article will take you through November and detail how we are going to unshackle Skyrim Finance. We hope this can help you understand the strategies we are taking and the work that has been done to move our vision forward.

We will start with the most important Technology and Product Development

  • Project operators are now able to initiate a round of investment now
  • Users can deposit DAI and change to ST or JT token
  • Users can invest in ST/JT
  • Project operators can invest in various DeFi protocols
  • Project operators can put the income into the income pool
  • After the end of the investment cycle, users can receive income
  • Users can deposit ST, JT, and $SKYRIM into the staking pool to get SKYRIM reward

(The above developments are now in a preliminary testing stage)

  • The second version of the contract was completed
  • The new product logic was implemented.
  • The brand new UI/UX design is under development

Looking beyond, the future developments will include:

December — Testnet and Bug Bounty Program

The first version of The Multichain Decentralized Structured Finance Protocol for Fixed-rate and Leveraged-yield DeFi Products will be rolled out very soon. We plan to complete this milestone in December and launch it along with a bug bounty program to incentivize Skyrim Finance community to improve its design, functionalities, and, more importantly, inspire upcoming iterations.

We believe the upcoming launch of Skyrim Finance Testnet will show you what we can do with structured finance.

2022 Q1 — Mainnet Code Audit and Mainnet Launch

In Q1 of 2022, the majority of our time and efforts will be poured into the Skyrim Finance Mainnet Launch. Of course, the code audit must precede all operational events and celebrations.

November Recap

On November 11th, we launched the community vote to create a positive change in Skyrim Finance and its future development. By doing this community vote, we would address the issues and then help us solely focus on building the product and working alongside our partners.

With that, we presented our community with two SKYRIM Vesting Proposals.

On November 15th, we announced the community vote result, which was to unlock the tokens and eliminate the new selling pressure in the long term. By doing so, We believe we can ensure no continuous and incremental selling pressure for Skyrim Finance, and provide sufficient market liquidity in the near future.

Finally, on November 24th, we launched the Github Public Repos Release and started publishing the technical components in succession, with which anyone could be able to visit the codes and have a foretaste of the future Skyrim Finance technology.

With this Medium post, we restated our mission and detailed the Protocol Workflow, taking Senior Investor as an example, and presented the core information on Users investment, Vault Actions, Balance Settlement, Investment Strategy, and Deployment Scripts.

🚨 NOTE: We will not DM you first or ask you for any personal/sensitive/crypto information. Please be vigilant & Protect yourselves against scams or fraud.

About Skyrim Finance

Skyrim Finance is the First Multichain Decentralized Structured Finance Marketplace. Skyrim Finance aims to build the Robo-Advisor of the DeFi ecosystem. The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted returns through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products.

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Skyrim Finance

The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted return through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products.