Skyrim Finance Github Contracts and App Repos Release

Project Overview

  • Senior Token(Fixed-rate APY): There are many crypto holders seeking for the fixed-rate APY without standard risk.
  • Junior Token(Leveraged APY): There are many yield farmers seeking higher yield farming APY with high leverage.

Introducing Public Repos

Introducing Functions in Core

Protocol Workflow (Take Senior Investor as example)

Users investment

  1. Users approve DAI to SeniorToken contracts.
  2. Users mint ST through the mint function of the SeniorToken contract, with a ratio of 1:1.
  3. Users authorize ST to SkyrimInvestVault through the approve function of the SeniorToken contract.
  4. Users call the investST of the SkyrimInvestVault contract to invest. At this point, the user just transfers the ST to the SkyrimInvestVault contract.

Vault Actions

  1. The vault side uses the getVaultFromSTTokenAndJTToken function of SkyrimInvestVault to get the DAI from the ST contract and the JT contract. The quantity of DAI is the sum of the vault’s ST and JT balances.
  2. The vault side calls the investByOwner of SkyrimInvestVault to invest.
  3. The vault calls the redeemFromStrategy of SkyrimInvestVault to settle the benefits from each strategy.
  4. The vault applies the redeemByOwner of SkyrimInvestVault to calculate the total interest rate.

Balance Settlement

  1. The user settles the investment of the current period through functions redeemWithST and redeemWithJT, and then investVault transfers the corresponding JT to the user account of the JuniorToken contract. SKYRIM is transferred directly to the user as interest income. DAI is transferred to the SeniorToken contract.
  2. If there is no profit or only loss, the user would only own JT.
  3. Only when users make a profit can there be SKYRIM as the interest.

Investment Strategy

  • Mint and destruction of ST/JT are executed directly from SeniorToken and JuniorToken.
  • The system will define investVault according to different periods, and each period corresponds to a different investVault, and the investment strategy includes different underlying assets (DeFi products).
  • The investment is divided according to each period, and each period contains independent SkyrimInvestVault, SeniorInvestRewardPool and JuniorInvestRewardPool.

Deployment Scripts

  • project_leader_notifyReward.js — Sending pledge rewards script
  • project_leader_op.js — Project side income settlement script
  • command — The command to run the above two scripts

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Skyrim Finance

Skyrim Finance


The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted return through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products.