Skyrim Finance & BSCLaunch Partnership: What it means?

“We don’t think this news can come as a surprise to anyone. As a multi-chain project, it is our obligation to tap into a variety of ecosystems and bring our value to them. Binance Smart Chain is, without any doubt, one of them. And BSCLaunch might be the perfect gateway into it.”

said Johnny Lee, the Marketing and Community Growth Director of Skyrim Finance.

Hanny Ran, CMO of BSClaunch said,

“We have always maintained loyal to our mission of bringing top projects into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem as a CMO of BSClaunch. We will create a solid partnership with Skyrim Finance, step by step, to attract all investors interested in BSClaunch and Skyrim with fairness and transparency through our unique features. Users’ benefits and applicability are always in demand.”

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